Your wedding day timeline

Your wedding day timeline

So ensure everything runs smoothly, we have designed timelines to suit the month of your wedding... it is all based on the sunset and that amazing golden hour for the best possible photos and climate for your guests. 

3.00pm ceremony time (May/June/July)

3.30pm ceremony time (April/Aug/Sept)

4.00pm ceremony time (Mar/Oct)

4.30pm ceremony time (Jan/Feb/Nov/Dec)

6.00am ceremony time (for 8.00am breakfast reception)

10.00am ceremony time (for 12.00pm lunch reception)

3.30pm for Stradbroke cocktail & elopement packages

2.30pm for Stradbroke sit-down reception packages (due to return barge times)

Click here to see what timeline will suit your day best!  If you really want to break with our suggestions, then chat to Romana, your photographer. She will also be in touch to chat about any special photo requests.