You’re engaged! Congratulations!

Now you get to plan your dream wedding! Family and friends have all offered lots of advice, tips and horror stories. Your Pinterest board is fast filling up with a million different wedding concepts (so the budget is growing). You may have been to a wedding expo or two and you’ve hit Google hard – looking for all the different vendors you will need.
So if you’re anything like us, your head is spinning and you are just about ready to throw in the towel and elope!
While eloping is an option (and a service we provide), we may have an alternative solution for you! What about a pop up wedding? Or a micro wedding?

What is a pop up wedding?

The ‘original concept’ of a Pop Up Wedding: Where a number of couples essentially share a wedding. A specific day is allocated, a ceremony space is set up, the essential vendors are packaged up for you, then much like a registry office, couples get allocated a time slot for that day… The ceremony is intimate, you may get champagne afterwards, there are photos, but then you need to leave to make way for the next couple.
Pop Up Weddings Bayside is NOTHING like that! So scratch that cattle herding concept from your head lol!
Pop Up Weddings Bayside is a collective of award winning wedding industry professionals and friends who have joined forces to provide a cost effective all inclusive FULL wedding solution. So just like a normal wedding, you get to choose your day and you certainly don’t share it with another couple – that’s ludicrous!

With Pop Up Weddings Bayside planning your day is really easy because…

• You have a wedding coordinator who will organise and liaise with your Pop Up Weddings Bayside dream team – Suzie and Romana are amazing!
• You don’t have to Google anymore vendors, because we’ve already done the research for you and selected only the best (and friendliest) to work on your special day.
• We’ve already priced everything! So you can throw your calculator in the bin! YAY!
• Our packages are presented in a clear easy format; where everything is listed – so no hidden costs or nasty surprises.
• If you want to customise a package, that’s okay too! And again, easy because that’s what Suzie and the team are for.

Got any questions? We'd love to hear from you.