Can I pick my own wedding day?

Absolutely! Subject to availability of course, but we will work hard to make your day happen when you want it

Does Pop Up wedding mean than I have to share with another couple?

Not at all! Unlike the original concept of the pop-up wedding, we do just one wedding per day – but we “pop-it-up” in terms of having everything already organised for you!

What if we want to get married mid-week?

We love mid-week wedding! We actually offer a discounted rate on most packages if you get married Monday to Thursday! That is a cool bonus!

I want my wedding on a weekend, why is the price higher than mid-week?

Our vendors are amazing at what they do, and award winning, so they are in high demand! To secure their services on peak wedding days, we need to pay them a little more, but it all works out because they also provide a substantial upgrade for your dollars. Your photography upgrade jumps from just 2 hours coverage to one partner’s prep to first hour of reception, and your hair and makeup service includes hair and makeup for three more people!

Do you offer same sex ceremonies?

Of course we do! At Pop Up Weddings Bayside, we believe that Love is Love, same sex couples are more than welcome here! xxx

How do I book?

Contact Suzie via email, she will help you with all your questions. Then our easy step-by-step booking form makes it easy for you to lock in all your vendors and final touches! Got more questions or want to meet in person, Suzie can meet with you at her salon space in Cleveland.

Got any questions? We'd love to hear from you.